Standing Committee Update

The Episcopal Diocese of Maine
The Standing Committee has announced that the slate of five nominees for the election of the 10th Bishop Diocesan of Maine is now finalized. There are no additional petition candidates for bishop; therefore, the petition process is now closed. We are pleased to move forward with this exceptional slate of nominees.

Additional information provided by our five nominees is linked here on our Bishopquest website, including essay responses, resumes, videos, and bios. As part of the application process, each nominee responded with written essays to the following three questions.

• What are the points in your vocation that direct you toward the Episcopate?

• What attracts you to the idea of being the 10th Bishop of Maine?

• What does being the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement mean to you and your ministry?

These essay responses have just been posted to the Bishopquest website. Everyone is encouraged to read these materials in preparation for the January Walkabouts, which will provide the opportunity to meet the nominees in person..

Looking Ahead:

A detailed itinerary of the January Walkabouts will be announced by the Transition Committee in mid-December and posted on our Bishopquest website:

• Friday afternoon, January 18th, those in the Augusta-area will gather at the Senator Inn;

• Saturday afternoon, January 19th, those in the Bangor-area will gather at Husson University;

• Sunday afternoon, January 20th, those in the Portland-area will gather at the Westin Hotel.

Please note: anyone interested is most welcome to attend more than one Walkabout session. Each of these three sessions will also be video-streamed live, videotaped, and posted on the Diocesan YouTube channel, Facebook page, and website.

Parish churches are encouraged to host live-stream viewings of the Walkabouts and the Electing Convention for those unable to attend, so that all have the opportunity to participate.

Be sure to check the website for the latest updates and snow dates.

God of Grace, we give you thanks for all the blessings of our common life and ministries as the Episcopal Diocese of Maine. We thank you for the faithful work of the Discernment Committee and for all who have offered themselves to your service in this season of change. May the Holy Spirit continue to bless the Transition Committee, and to infuse this process with the gifts of faith, hope and love. We give thanks and pray for Anne, Janet, Ken, Rachel, and Thomas. May they be filled with vision, courage, patience and hope as our work of discernment continues. In Christ’s name we pray, Amen


The Rev. Maria J. Hoecker
President of the Standing Committee