Articles by: Kate Wing

Meet the Candidates

It is with great joy and gratitude that the Standing committee of the Diocese of Maine announces a preliminary slate of candidates who will stand for election as 10th Bishop of Maine. Meet The Candidates For The 10th Bishop Of Maine

An Update from the Discernment Committee

The Discernment Committee invited interviewees to come to a weekend of mutual discernment at Point Lookout in Northport, ME in mid-October. There the participants and the Committee got to know each other through formal experiences such as interviews, meetings, and presentations, as well as casually through meals and walks. The […]

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Update from the Discernment Committee

At a meeting early in September the Discernment Committee met to decide which candidates will move forward and be invited to the four-day Candidate’s Retreat in October. There are a number of excellent candidates coming to Maine from around the country. The Committee is busy planning this retreat and looks […]

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8 Weeks of Interviews

The Discernment Committee is hard at work interviewing dozens of candidates for the position of 10th Bishop of Maine. The interviews will take place online over eight weeks, ending on August 31. The interviewees are from all over the country and hold an enormous variety of positions. Each is bringing […]

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Transition Committee Meets to Plan Events

The Transition Committee met in a Zoom videoconference on June 11. The purpose of the meeting was to plan the events over the next year The Candidate Walkabout was the most-discussed because it will take place in January 2019. The Walkabout is a series of events all over the state […]

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Discernment of Candidates has Begun!

The Discernment Committee met on Saturday, June 7. During the all-day meeting, the 13-member committee discussed the applications that arrived during the previous month’s application period. After narrowing the pool of applicants during the first half of the day, the committee spent the rest of the time planning the next […]

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A Message from the Chair of the Discernment Committee

The Diocesan Discernment Committee has closed the process of submitting nominations and applications. We received dozens of nominations and they produced more applications than we anticipated. There was a high interest in being the Tenth Bishop of Maine from around the Episcopal Church. The Discernment Committee now moves towards a […]

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Nomination Period Closed, Application Period Still Open

While the nomination period for the search for the 10th Bishop of Maine closed yesterday, the application period is still open. If you believe someone is suited to be the next Bishop of Maine, please contact that person and encourage them to apply. Nominations are not mandatory; those that are […]

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Nomination Period Closes May 30

The nomination period for discerning the 10th Bishop of Maine ends May 30. If you would like to nominate someone, please click on this link: Nominations are welcome from everyone! The application period ends about five days after the nomination period, so if you intend to nominate, please do […]

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