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Nomination By Petition

Please Note: The period for Nominees by Petition is now closed (no submissions were received).

The Standing Committee will accept candidate Nominations by Petition until November 15th,
7 days following the announcement of the slate (per Standing Committee Resolution passed in 2017).

The Process:
Each petition must be signed by a Nominator and by at least eight other Petitioners, representing at least four of the areas in the Episcopal Diocese of Maine. In addition, four Petitioners must be clergy canonically resident in the Episcopal Diocese of Maine, and four must be lay delegates elected to represent their congregation at the Electing Convention.

With the consent of the Standing Committee, Nominees by Petition who have successfully completed the application, screening and interview process will be added to the slate of Nominees for Bishop Diocesan, and their names will be announced and submitted to the Electing Convention February 9th.

Please click the link below for the Nomination by Petition form and further information:

Nomination by Petition Form